Website Measurement Plan Example

What is a Website Measurement Plan

A website measurement plan connects key performance indicators (KPIs) with strategy goals and business objectives. It translate those KPIs into metrics and dimensions that can be measured on your website and provides a plan for implementation and customization of Google Analytics or other web analytics platform you are using.

Measurement Plan Example - Copy this Google Sheet on your Google Drive to make changes

In my experience I have worked with a large number of clients that are clear on what they want to measure in order to understand business goals success but do not always understand the website technical requirements that are necessary to be able to measure these KPIs and for the data to be accurate and reliable.

Starting a measurement strategy with a plan will help create a framework of the required functions of your web analytics platform and your website in order to capture the essential data.

How to Create a Website Measurement Plan

Measurement Plan Example


Below are the five components that I have used in my measurement plan example that I share in this post.

  1. Website Business Objective – How do you see your website in your overall business strategy? How will your website assist in growing your business?
  2. Marketing Goals and Strategies – How are you planning to achieve these website objectives. What strategies and tactics would you be implementing?
  3. KPIs – How would you measure success against these goals and objectives?
  4. Metrics and Reports – What metrics and reports you need to have in place in order to measure these KPIs.

A Website Measurement Plan Example with Implementation Planning

Measurement Plan Example - Copy this Google Sheet on your Google Drive to make changes


Measurement Plan Implementation

I created a measurement plan example with an implementation plan that describes technical requirements to execute the measurement plan. I used an eCommerce website as an example. This measurement plan is basic and should serve as a starting point. It can be expanded depending on your website and business needs. This measurement plan can be used as an idea for lead generation websites too.

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