New Interactive Features In Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio recently introduced some new features to the platform. They have added really useful interactive functions and now you can use any chart in your dashboard as a filter to all the other data.

For example if you would like to report on digital acquisition overall and by marketing channel, building a trending graph for the past 13 months for each channel will clutter the report or make your visualizations hard to read. Now if you use a chart as a filter you can easily report on acquisition without the need for a lot of graphs.
In this video I use a bar chart to report on traffic by channel for the past 28 days which is the default date range. Then I build a line chart to visualize the overall website traffic trend for the past 13 months. Using the bar chart as a filter I can then click on any digital channel to see the trend for the past 13 months only for that particular channel.

You can also use a line chart to filter all other data for a particular period, for example for the last quarter of 2018. This will alter the bar chart to report on traffic by channel not for the past 28 days but for the specified period.

This is a really cool new addition to Google Data Studio that will help simplify dashboards, report and visualizations.

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