Google Optimize – A/B and Multivariate Testing

I published a couple of videos on how to set up A/B and Multivariate testing in Google Optimize.
Google Optimize is a very easy platform to use and has a lot of options and functionality to design your testing pages.
You can watch my first video for an example on setting up an A/B test. It is not a very good example since I did make a change to two elements on the page. My second video on multivariate tests explains the difference better and shows you how to set up a multivariate test in Google Optimize.

Multivariate testing in Google Optimize

Multivariate tests can be used when you want to test multiple elements on the same page at once.
For example you want to test changing the colors as well as changing the content on the same landing page.
With the multivariate test options you can build the designs and make the changes to these elements and based on these changes Google Optimize will create combinations. All possible combinations based on your changes will be creates so you can test all of these options.
Depending on how many changes you make and how many elements you want to test, your multivariate test might end up with a large number of combinations. If that is the case your landing pages need to receive a lot of traffic in order for your data to make sense and to have insights.

A/B Tests in Google Optimize

A/B tests are a great option if you are testing only one element on your landing page. For example a color, a background image or the title of the page.
With the A/B testing options you can make changes to this element. You can also set up a number of variants and potentially test a number of changes to one element.

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