What Are Slicers in Excel and How To Use Them

What Are Slicers in Excel

Excel slicers are used to visually filter and provide interactive way to narrow data in a pivot table or a pivot chart. Slicers can be inserted once a pivot table is created. A slicer can filter a pivot table by any category or value in the raw table regardless of whether it was used in the pivot table or not.

How To Use Excel Slicers

There are several use cases for slicers in excel. One pivot table and one pivot chart can be filtered by one or multiple slicers. Also one slicer can be linked to and filter data in multiple pivot tables or charts.

Excel also offers multiple ways to format slicers with colors and structure to suit the type of report of dashboard you are building.

In this video I demonstrate how to use slicers in Excel, how to filter data, how to connect a slicer to multiple pivot tables and pivot charts and how to format your slicers.

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