Valentine’s Day Trending Searches

Since I ended 2018 with holiday data and trends I thought I start the New Year with another holiday and the related Google search data about it.
Valentine’s Day is a month’s away and your holiday campaigns around it should have already started.
Here are some of the most popular searches related to Valentine’s Day.

The most trending searches related to “gifts for”. These are the most popular ones with high searches:

Gifst for Valentines Popular Searches

There are a number of other gift related searches that see a significant rise in search demand around Valentine’s Day:

Table Valentines Day Gift Rising Searches

Another popular theme for search terms around Valentine’s Day relates to romantic gifts. Below are the most popular searches.

Table Romantic Gifts

Here is more data related to trending searches to inspire ideas for relevant content.

Popular questions:
Oddly enough the most popular questions around Valentine’s Day is When is Valentine’s Day? with over 90,000 searches according to SEMRush. And the search demand increases around January.

Here are other questions that people tend to search for:

  • What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?
  • Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • What to do on Valentine’s Day?
  • How to make Valentine cards
  • How to ask a girl to be your Valentine
  • How to make a Valentine box
  • How to get a Valentine

Popular recipes:
Here are the most popular treats people tend to search recipes for around Valentine’s Day

  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Cakes
  • Pizza
  • Cheesecake

How to make chocolate covered strawberries? is another question that significantly increases in search demand in February.

What is your data telling you about Valentine’s Day and how are you using it for marketing strategies?

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