Digital Acquisition Report Infographic With Google Data Studio

*Disclaimer: For this video I have used data from the Google Merchandise Online Store Google Analytics which is publicly available!

Google Data Studio has many options to style and make your reports pretty. I have been experimenting building infographics with Google Data Studio and I came up with some really great looking visuals.

In this video I create a digital acquisition report for a website to show performance by digital marketing channel. I got inspired by an available infographic template in Venngage, which is a great data visualization tool.

It was super easy to recreate a similar style infographic with Google Data Studio and in this video I show some important features like:

– how to select multiple widgets
– how to group widgets
– how to create new filters
– how to use background shapes and color

What I came up with is a very colorful report.
If you look at it from a data storytelling perspective it is a little difficult to digest and to focus your audience attention.
But as an unusual style report that looks like an infographic I think it is pretty cool.

Digital Acquisition Report Infographic With Google Data Studio

Hope you enjoy it and get inspired to create your own infographic in Google Data Studio.

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