Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager – Blog Categories and Dates

In this video I will show you how to create custom dimensions in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. I am going to use my blog posts meta data, the category and the date to create these custom dimensions. Blog categories and blog post dates are not default dimensions in Google Analytics. With a custom dimension we will be able to report on categories collective sessions as well as compare sessions between newer and older posts.

I am going to use the CSS selectors of my blog posts meta data to create a DOM Element user defined variable in Google Tag Manager. I will then use these variables to create the custom dimensions.

One very important thing to remember is to use your already existing Google Analytics pageview tag in Google Tag Manager to insert the custom dimensions. If you create a new tag this will mess up with your data, specifically Bounce Rate and Pages per Session. (sound common sense, but I have seen this mistake happen)

I am also going to create a custom report in Google Analytics with the new custom dimensions, Have in mind that it will take a day or so to start seeing data.

Follow the video for a detailed demonstration of this process.

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