Google Data Studio Examples

I recently published two videos with Google Data Studio examples of an organic traffic dashboard and an eCommerce dashboard. These videos show all the main features of the Google Data Studio to build any type of report.

Google Data Studio Examples

These Google Data Studio examples use Google Analytics as a data source and demonstrate how to add scorecards and backgrounds, apply styling, apply a heatmap to a column in your tables, and many other features of Google Data Studio to help you start building your own dashboard

Google Data Studio Examples – Organic Traffic Dashboard

This dashboard is an example of a monthly report on Organic search performance with a fixed date range of last month.

Google Data Studio Examples – eCommerce Dashboard

This dashboard is an example of an eCommerce performance dashboard with a data control option to let your client or manager select their own desired date range.

If you are just starting with Google Data Studio, I have written a detailed Google Data Studio Guide to get you started.

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