How to Create a Heatmap in Excel

*Disclaimer: For this excel heatmap video I have used data from the Google Merchandise Store Google Analytics which is publicly available.

In this video I show how you can create a heatmap chart in Excel. The excel heatmap will highlight the most and least popular times of day and days of week when users make purchases on the online store. You can use it in any way to suit your data and your reporting needs. You can use it to look at marketing channel and location or conversion and browser technology, just to name a few ideas.

Excel Heatmap

Creating a heatmap in Excel is really simple. I use a pivot table and conditional formatting to apply color scales. I then create a new rule with color combinations that I like. Styling the colors in entirely up to you, you can even use branded colors.

Have fun creating this simple heatmap in Excel!

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