Excel Dashboard – Website Traffic by Channel

Why It Is Important to Report on Website Traffic by Channel?

If you are investing in different marketing channels to drive traffic to your website it is important to understand how each channel is performing against the other channels. Performance can be measured by many different metrics – the number of sessions sent to the website, the number of micro or macro conversions or the number of qualified leads for a certain period of time and certain budget.
This dashboard is a basic excel dashboard that will compare the number of sessions that a website received by each marketing channel every month for an entire calendar year. You can use this template and build a dashboard for each metric that represent your KPIs, overall sessions, goal completions, eCommerce, leads, etc.

Interactive Excel Dashboard

Website Traffic by Channel Excel Dashboard

This dashboard is built with

  • A pivot table
  • A pivot chart
  • Slicers
  • Custom styling and formatting

To start you will need a table with all your raw data.

Website Traffic By Channel Raw Data

The raw data table contains 12 rows for each marketing channel with traffic data for every month of the calendar year. I have used random numbers to build this dashboard as an example.
You can customize it and use colors and variations that suit your reporting.

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